some jokes/delirium, part of chat between Alex Mizrahi and Vladimir Suhoy happened on 14.07.02
DIZLAMER:(you are personally responsible for..)

Alex says :  hello
Vladimir says :  Hi

Alex says :  btw, do you have idea for name of next release?
Vladimir says :  Maybe some german name?
Vladimir says :  There are very cool german words in dictionary
Vladimir says :  Lebensmittelgeschaft?
Alex says :  looks like you like german stuff a lot now 8-]
Alex says :  what does in mean? i cant spell such.
Alex says :  i have idea - 'SOLDERER'
Vladimir says :  Means supermarket.

Vladimir says :  Misha can write _russian_ tutorial?
Alex says :  so, i'll better post '3d calculator'? we dont even have buttons and text in i3dcpp.. brrr...
Alex says :  i'll ask him. i'm not sure that he will use ind3d.
Vladimir says :  I'll translate it.
Alex says :  i dont believe he can write tutorial.
Vladimir says :  And you think, that I can? Its very hard work, harder than writing.
Alex says :  i will.
Alex says :  but i dont know all things in indirect3d.
Vladimir says :  I can write component help on FFStandart with detailed descriptions of properties.
Alex says :  ok
Vladimir says :  There is also meshdrawing stuff, which is mostly unknown even by me

Vladimir says :  Indirect3D toolkit improves compatibility of last release.
Vladimir says :  "Indirect3D toolkit improves compatibility between c++ and delphi implementations"!!
Alex says : <- killing pidors in shockwave flash.
Alex says :  killer topic. really many people will go to see what's changed.
Alex says : <- killing flys in flash

Alex says :  maybe place this log on a site? ascii artists sometimes include IRC logs in their artpacks.
Vladimir says :  Which log?
Alex says :  this log.
Alex says :  brevno (russian word, wooden log, tree)
Vladimir says :  What???
Alex says :  che:??*(what in russian, 'wha..')
Alex says :  this log, for non-russian(written in russian)
Vladimir says :  Das Engel hatt from Himmell fallen!
Alex says :  whot?(corrupted what written in russian)
Alex says :  who is this angel and himel? and whot is Das? (written in russian)
Alex says :  PS: by the way, on this question I am ready to head counting-investigational commission. (writes in russian)
Vladimir says :  engel is an engel.(in russian)
Vladimir says :  himmel means sky.(in russian)
Vladimir says :  Das - is an article.(in russian)
Alex says :  and hatt? it's a gad, maybe? (in russian, gad means reptile, rascal)
Vladimir says :  The auxiliary verb - means that engel has already screwed-down from himmel. (in russian)
Alex says :  The Angel have fallen from Heaven?
Alex says :  kewl
Vladimir says :  Looks like that. (in russian, cant be translated correctly)
Alex says :  anyway (in russian)
Vladimir says :  Maybe we'll write docs on German?
Vladimir says :  I think even German cant understand my German!
Alex says :  you'll write a doc about german and i will write about i3d on german.
Alex says :  it's killer\german
Vladimir says :  das ist Morder!
Alex says :  so, do you think that placing some parts of this log on site is great idea?
Vladimir says :  What log???
Alex says :  what is Morder? Mordor?
Alex says :  this text. or how is this called? protocol?
Vladimir says :  Morder = killer.

Alex says :  btw, dont you want to go on the blue lakes(carrier in avdeevka)?

Vladimir says :  I've understood what you mean by log. It will be funny.
Alex says :  how to name it and where to place?
Vladimir says :  Prff. Maybe as a background somewhere?
Alex says :  ??
Vladimir says :  When will you go to sink(oh, sorry, swim)?
Alex says :  kewl, i now have pyind3d! 8-]
Vladimir says :  ToJPEG->to background on some page (maybe main?).
Alex says :  i dont know yet, we were going to do it tomorow, but misha havent called me.
Alex says :  hmm, i think it's not a great idea..
Alex says :  it will be large.
Vladimir says :  Maybe some "chosen parts".
Alex says :  i actually want to learn reaction of people.
Alex says :  which
Vladimir says :  Dont know, maybe as distinct page...
Vladimir says :  I3DPROTOCOL.
Alex says :  if there were constantly coming people..
Alex says :  well, i'll place somewhere.
Alex says :  and i'll invent method to know how much do people read.
Alex says :  i'm going to disconnect. no more important things to discuss?
Vladimir says :  Probably not. To compile PyIND3D you'll need python libs - visit
Alex says :  ok
Vladimir says :  Bye.
Alex says :  bye