discussion on ind3d development, part of chat between Alex Mizrahi and Vladimir Suhoy happened on 14.07.02
DIZLAMER:(you are personally responsible for..)
Alex says :  hello
Vladimir says :  Hi
Alex says :  what's new in fastfruit.cpp?
Alex says :  so should i post news to opengl.org before uploading new core?
Vladimir says :  I'm writing d3d8 mousehandling
Alex says :  why default fov is 30
Vladimir says :  Now it's 60. Just experimented, and it sneaked to cvs.
Vladimir says :  I fixed RTT-now they are self-disabling.
Alex says :  when will you rewrite RTT handling?
Alex says :  it's already fixed?
Vladimir says :  Already rewrote.
Vladimir says :  Not cvs'ed. Just now I wanted to do it.
Vladimir says :  Done.
Alex says :  so should i post news to openglorg?
Vladimir says :  Post. It seems mostly working for OpenGL.
Alex says :  but this core has a lot of bugs.. surely, we cant fix all and even add new when fix this.
Vladimir says :  But I still wonder how ind3ds managed to save scenes with dead stream editor.
Alex says :  much more interesting is why i have no fps counter with d3d8 dll _sometimes_
Alex says :  but always have with ogl dll.
Vladimir says :  Probably d3d8 dll is so slow, that it's <1.
Alex says :  but it just dont work. i have ultra slow scenes(ind3d logo), but it's slow but valid. d3d8 is quite fast(some fps), but yet invalid.
Alex says :  scenes maybe stored if there is no static chunk.
Vladimir says :  Component incompatibility.
Vladimir says :  No. Pointer is dead, There is no object after first release, but it calls 3 more methods!
Alex says :  i've noticed that counter is valid after using ffdll_gl.dll. or it's just a lack of tries.
Alex says :  if stchnk<>nil then begin //static chunk contains some info strme.OpenStream(stchnk);
Alex says :  but anyway it will call one more release, so i dont know.
Vladimir says :  Dont know. I've checked it with cubes and spheres - worked excellent.
Vladimir says :  And textures were 100% valid.
Vladimir says :  Even anisotropy worked fine.
Alex says :  it's my HAL. it seems that this invalid HAL works faster than valid OGL. 8-]
Alex says :  i have no fps fall after rendering textured cube. in ogl there was some fall(180->150)
Alex says :  but this HAL appeared only one time. what a pity..
Vladimir says :  Did you actually see it?
Vladimir says :  Cube?
Alex says :  so what's better 'AutoDestroy' of 'Autodestroy'?
Alex says :  yes , all is valid.
Alex says :  'Autodestroy' was first, so you've did incorrect when changed _existing_ component specifications.
Vladimir says :  AutoDestroy - coz' you have FileName.
Vladimir says :  And me.
Vladimir says :  PreserveStates
Alex says :  i was thinking for some time before creating such.. well, i'll change it.
Vladimir says :  MagFilter, MinFilter MipFilter
Vladimir says :  DrawStyle
Alex says :  maybe ffSetProperty should be clever - automatically seek for case-insensitive results if correct arent found?
Vladimir says :  MM. Dont know.
Alex says :  why width of mirror is MirrorWidth but size of cube isnt CubeSize?
Vladimir says :  Mirror isnt workin' yet.
Alex says :  isnt working _already_. it was quite working, i remember.
Vladimir says :  It works, but matrices are still invalid. I havent implemented non-orthogonal projection.
Vladimir says :  Do you know any doc on texture mirrors?
Alex says :  no
Vladimir says :  I'm bored of playing with culling/orientation/lighting.
Vladimir says :  E.g. particles should be rendered with disabled culling in mirror, or they'll have invalid normals. Much more such stuff, really.
Alex says :  particles can be rendered w/o culling always(hope there are no slowdowns for 3d accels in this case because of non-optimized pipeline)

Alex says :  i'll also port texture font.
Alex says :  3d UI tools w/o font is something..

Alex says :  so, our next project will be 3d site? or just stable release?(this was 'stable bug release')

Vladimir says :  Probably, tesselated font is needed?
Alex says :  yes, tesselated font will be great. we will be able to use some mesh effects/mesh morphers to get really cool efects never seen before.

Alex says :  you've updated i3dmath?
Vladimir says :  Yes. Added IND3DPickMatrix44, IND3DProject and IND3DUnProject.
Alex says :  btw i'm going to make ffMath in next release. and ensure that there it's not slower than optimized asm code, and even in debug it should be quite fast.
Alex says :  all should be made inline.
Alex says :  i dont know what will be with i3d lib. i think there is no need of it. for final users that dont recompile core each time there should be fastfruit.lib
Vladimir says :  But GUIDs?
Alex says :  GUIDs in ffrt imple.
Alex says :  or in separate cpp - i3dguids.cpp
Alex says :  this lib is quite stupid imho.
Vladimir says :  Better like now - we can move some helpers there.
Alex says :  i understand that it's hard to place guids, and i understand that 'we should have a lib', but..
Alex says :  you mean?
Alex says :  helpers are fastfruit-level. actually i3d is a specification-level, there should be no code _AT_ALL_.
Vladimir says :  i3dSetProperty, i3dStoreScene,...
Alex says :  old delphi fastfruit had some funcs with i3d prefix which were assumed to be abstract, but i've replaced them with ff.
Alex says :  ind3d is a set of specifications, fastfruit is an implementation. (one of implementations)
Alex says :  can there be imple w/o such functions? - surely. i can say that in vb functions will be other.
Alex says :  maybe it's better to write overloads - ffSetProperty(PIND3DObj,a,
Alex says :  LPCSTR, TPoint3D).
Alex says :  imple should be filtered from specs on my opinion
Vladimir says :  I am to write variant-setproperty for PyIND3D
Alex says :  you see, it's not connected with i3dSetProperty.
Vladimir says :  Unfortunately I couldnt write full scene with PYTHON only, because their stupid GUI toolkits dont wanna give me HWND and HWND from GetAvtiveWindow was invalid.
Alex says :  but you can create objects? mail this stuff to me(and say also what should i download and where from).
Vladimir says :  PyIND3D is in CVS tree.
Vladimir says :  i3dcpp/PyIND3D.
Vladimir says :  Its very raw, but I created renderers and cubes with it.
Vladimir says :  Its able to set colors, but setproperty is still unusable.
Alex says :  looks like a bug of a CVS that i have to re-checkout to get new folders.
Alex says :  C i3dcpp/GL/GLAUX.H cvs checkout: move away i3dcpp/GL/GLU.H; it is in the way C i3dcpp/GL/GLU.H cvs checkout: move away i3dcpp/GL/WGLEXT.H; it is in the way
Alex says :  hehe

Alex says :  i'm going to disconnect. no more important things to discuss?
Vladimir says :  Probably not. To compile PyIND3D you'll need python libs - visit www.python.org
Alex says :  ok
Vladimir says :  Bye.
Alex says :  bye