some 'delirium' part of chat between Alex Mizrahi and Vladimir Suhoy happened on 21.05.01
DIZLAMER:(we were just joking, if you dont understand. some words may be non-suitable for somebody..)
Alex says :  I didn't killed OpenGL rendering yet.
Alex says :  New headers will help greatly.
Vladimir says :  IF I'll make it the same way as before, you will again complain about compatibility.
Vladimir says :  Direct3D rendering died, when I started to translate it on MSVC.
Alex says :  I'll complain anyway. I don't beliew it will be compatible
Vladimir says :  FUCk you.
Alex says :  MSVC5 compiler said "bool" is reserved for next version and I shouldn't use it. Idiotish compiler.
Vladimir says :  WHAT??
Vladimir says :  WHAT did it SAID. Reserved? What compiler you have?
Alex says :  nmake of MSVC 5( or 4, i dont remember)
Alex says :  it was a warning "bool" is a reserved symbol.
Vladimir says :  The protoBarBuilder (d3drect) was written on MSVC 5. I used bools and BOOLs there. There were no warnings. TIP: you may turn off idiotish warnings by increasing(or reducing) warning level at project settings.
Alex says :  You have a newer version. THere is no "bool" in older. I did #define bool char
Vladimir says :  YYYYY. you have an artifact compiler. Maybe it is C--. Or even B++? Maybe A+1?
Vladimir says :  I think, that MSVC 4 was written around 5-6 years ago.
Alex says :  16.02.96 tHere were no bools that time.
Vladimir says :  There were ints. Some ints were 16-bit.
Alex says :  gcc supports bool s (it's cross-platform Linux compiler)
Vladimir says :  These ints died of starvation, like dinosaurs.
Vladimir says :  There was time when ints were 8 bits.
Alex says :  My BC5's linker tlink says he has to few memory. And refuses any linking.
Alex says :  Long time ago there was 37-bit integers.
Vladimir says :  And 19bit registers
Vladimir says :  This linker is dead. mAybe you will bury it?
Alex says :  Sometimes it links something. When without project.
Alex says :  16 bit integers are alive!
Vladimir says :  Let it rest in peace. Or you think, that you will send it for big money at антиквариат shop?
Alex says :  I have PowerBasic( you dont even know it). It's price is bigger!
Alex says :  It rules, but sometimes doesn't read from files.
Alex says :  It was partially compatible with QBasic. But compiled to EXE.
Vladimir says :  Maybe Kaloerov has older programs on 5.25 inch disquette. Or maybe on stream (real stream) on magnetic strip.
Alex says :  i have proggies on cassette.
Vladimir says :  Maybe we can find programs on stone?
Alex says :  On perfocards.
Vladimir says :  Or on ground, written with digger-stick?
Alex says :  Indirect2D for Ural, on platinum perfrocards.
Vladimir says :  Indirect1D for Maniac(Eniac) written with SledgeHammer.
Alex says :  There are still companies that do programs for ZX8080
Alex says :  It could render up to 10 points simultaneously!!!
Vladimir says :  And for Ural? Maybe Kaloerov still has Ural in bunker near his house?
Alex says :  And late in nights he writes programs. He believes they will change face of modern programming, bringing new technologies for implied cycles.
Vladimir says :  I have the feeling that 70 percent of people from OpenGL org are germans!
Alex says :  KILLL FASCISTS!!!
Alex says :  Now Pentagon servers noticed my IP.
Vladimir says :  YES! KILL EM ALL!
Vladimir says :  Wait a little. At midnight CIA operatives will come.
Alex says :  Will you sell you nukes to Iraq?
Vladimir says :  They know my IP too now.
Vladimir says :  For sure, but only if they will pay for delivery.
Alex says :  Want few tons of drugs?
Alex says :  They will pay you after delivery(if they will be able to)
Vladimir says :  We will make a big container of heroin and cocain, and in the middle of it there we'll put nuclear bomb. Then we will post it on
Alex says :  They will be happy in last minutes of their living.
Vladimir says :  And, I SEE that 90% of normal posters are germans.
Alex says :  There is no yet.
Vladimir says :  Maybe write that Shakhtyor will be new Ukrainian champions?
Alex says :  We're chatting for 55 minutes. It's a business time for me $0.38 cents. Maybe disconnect?
Vladimir says :  Wait, i'll post that there are three people from Ukraine, and really should make one subdivision for us.