discussion about development of ind3d, part of chat between Alex Mizrahi and Vladimir Suhoy happened on 21.05.01
Vladimir says :  I've sent you small letter. IF you want, I'll send you ind3d1.h FastFruit.h is not quite ready yet.
Alex says :  I want
Alex says :  Where is this small letter?
Vladimir says :  The small letter is about distributed INdirect3D.
Alex says :  I've just recieved it.
Vladimir says :  down [at] mizrahi.dn.ua
Vladimir says :  I, MAYBE will send you fastfruit.h around 2 o'clock past midnight.
Alex says :  I've said about RANGE of distributed events!
Alex says :  Not all are distributed.
Vladimir says :  Some events may be distributed and non-distributed at the same time.
Vladimir says :  Objects too.
Vladimir says :  Some may be distributed, but not to all
Alex says :  Objects have "Broadcasting" property which switches it's "distribution"
Alex says :  I'm working on 3DS now.
Alex says :  3DS has file format JUST like my stream. So I dont need new parser. And their mesh is very simple, similar to my.
Vladimir says :  What, if some remote machines want to receive event and some doesn't to.
Vladimir says :  Analogy proofs are not accepted.
Alex says :  They can. SynchronizationServer will decide. And if they recieve event they dont have to answer it.
Vladimir says :  There are also big (HUGE) possible difficulties with interprocess synchronization.
Alex says :  It's not a proof. I just simplifies everything. And Autodesk was thinking before creating format, so it's cool format. But it's not as hierarchycall a mine-
Alex says :  Which difficulties?
Vladimir says :  I said to you.
Alex says :  Well, I'll think some more.
Alex says :  I'm also thinking about Shell - virtual abstract file systems. We need something revolutionary.
Alex says :  People're coming from Unknown to moretc.html .
Vladimir says :  For example, something should be rendered at idle time, when there are no events incoming from remote server, and something should NOT. Of course, we may do, that nothing will be rendered at all, this is simplest of all ! But is sucks.
Vladimir says :  There IS a LINK. Try search moretc.
Alex says :  We don't have to synchronize time/fps. We just want to keep objects as up-to-date as possible.
Vladimir says :  Nonono. If we have complicated scene, we should synchronize rendering on local machine, with the events incoming from remote server.
Alex says :  Changes (like events in OOP) cant be lost. They can only be hided by more recent on SynchronizationServer.
Alex says :  That's different things. We have to have a biiig data chanel to do this.
Vladimir says :  The guyWITHgun was killed, but remote server forgot to told him about it.
Alex says :  Look up two messages before.
Alex says :  We need some beer to solve this.
Vladimir says :  That is guys with modems are less possible to kill than guys with fast access :-]
Vladimir says :  OK, i will send you ind3d1.h now.
Alex says :  This is very complicated thing with dual-Broadcasting object. Ind3D is NOT a game engine. Typically synchronized object will only move and say smth.
Vladimir says :  Send OK, when ready.
Alex says :  For what?
Vladimir says :  FOR ind3d1.h
Alex says :  I'm always ready. This is not QL2FAX, we don't need to synchronize.
Vladimir says :  HA, you never know it exactly!
Vladimir would like to send you the file "ind3d1.h" (14 Kb). Transfer time is less than 1 minute with a 28.8 modem. Do you want to Accept (Alt+T) or Decline (Alt+D) the invitation?
Transfer of file "ind3d1(1).h" from Vladimir has been accepted. Starting transfer...
You have successfully received C:\Program Files\Messenger\Messenger Service Received Files\ind3d1(1).h from Vladimir. Before opening this file, you may want to scan it with a virus-scanning program.

Alex says :  Recieved.
Vladimir says :  Look, maybe it ate some LF (or CRs). Original size was... 14126 bytes
Alex says :  All is OK.
Vladimir says :  Strange.
Vladimir says :  SO, what is a conception of two( or more ) renderers. Maybe we need an array of renderers? Or list of them.
Vladimir says :  Maybe heap of renderers will suite us?
Alex says :  For what do we need array of renderers?
Alex says :  You mean "rendering processes"?
Vladimir says :  I joke.
Alex says :  Indirect3D is a joke. Ha ha ha
Vladimir says :  NOnono. I am writing fastfruit.h. I am ready to resurrect Direct3D rendering.
Alex says :  I didn't killed OpenGL rendering yet.
Alex says :  New headers will help greatly.
Vladimir says :  IF I'll make it the same way as before, you will again complain about compatibility.
Vladimir says :  Direct3D rendering died, when I started to translate it on MSVC.
Alex says :  I'll complain anyway. I don't beliew it will be compatible
Vladimir says :  FUCk you.