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Spots3D is a 3D(OpenGL based,Win32) visualization for two logical games - Spots(Hexagon) and Lines(disappearing balls). Spots is a well-known Hexagon on square field. My Spots has flexible settings - any fields(up to 9X11), any players. Computer players may be HARD.

Here you can download Spots/Lines (<400kb) and their sources.

Vote for Spots3D from the main page. Mail me any comments, suggestions, ideas. If I recieve mail I'll create new versions faster!

Here are the rules of Spots game. They are the same to Hexagon game except that Spots is on square field.

On his turn player selects any of his spots and does a move. If move is done on the place just near the selected spot(e.g. places marked '1' on the picture), then in that place appears new spot of this player and old stays on its place(spot spawns). If the move is made through one place(marked '2' on picture), then new spot appears in that place and old disappears(spot jumps to this place).

All spots of opponent that a just near the new spot(maximum is 8) are passed to the player(they are recolored). Such spots that will be recolored are marked with blue '*' on the second picture. If player cannot do the move, he skips it. If there is at least one move he must do it. Wins that player that has more spots in the end of the game(when no free spaces left) or to recolor all spots of opponent.


In lines idea is to place five or more balls of same color in a row - they will disappear. Each move there appear three new balls(places where they'll appear next move is marked with a small balls). When there is no place you lost. Score is calculated using formula (x-4)*x, where x is quantity of destroyed balls. You can also place balls in two or more intersecting rows.

New version(29 dec 2000) has Blocks game - like lines, but balls dissappear if there are seven connected balls. It also has highscores

Indirect Group