Indirect Group members

Alex Mizrahi

Participation::TC(program idea, design, 3D graphics, filemanager core), Spots3D, Iridescent, all web pages, Indirect3D open project
Lives in Europe->Ukraine->Donetsk. Studies in Donetsk National University on Applied Mathematics faculty.
Computer:: Celeron 366,nVidia Riva 128 ZX 8mb videocard, Quantum Fireball 8GB HDD, 128mb IBM memory.
Birth date:: 23 september 1983.
Hobbies:: Sci-Fi books, Death/Black Metal(InFlames, Cannibal Corpse, Dimmu Borgir...). Programming languages:: Delphi, C++, TurboPascal, Basic(Quick and Visual), Assembler.

Vladimir Suhoy

Participation::TC(file system stuff, Search, DragDrop), Bar Builder, Indirect3D(core for C++).
Lives in Europe->Ukraine->Donetsk
Studies in Donetsk National University, on Applied Mathematics faculty
Computer::Pentium4 1300, 384 mb RAM, GeForce3.
Programming languages::C++, Delphi, Pascal, VisualBasic and Assembler.

Randolph Udodenko

This is an eLdEr cHaOs gOd whom we do pray.
dont laugh 8-]


We both have MSN Instant messenger, try to chat with us online - we'll be glad.